See You Later

It has been a hectic last few days leading up to the trip to London. But that moment has finally come. This will be the last official entry in this blog.

I’ve come full circle with the overriding theme of this blog. From RP (born in the Philippines) to LA (growing up in Los Angeles) to VA (now living in VA), plus return trips to and from all these places, I’ve covered most of the memories of my life that I can recall. There will always be a connection between the three places, but it feels like I’ve said all there is to say about that.

The end of this blog comes as I reach another life milestone – my 50th birthday.  We will be celebrating it (and the continuation of my wife’s 50th birthday, originally started in New York City last year but interrupted by the news of her brother’s death in the Philippines at the hands of robbers) in London and the UK.

With that in mind, I will be starting a new blog that will continue my story but with more of a viewpoint from someone who is just turning 50 years of age.  Most of the stories will still be life-based but from that point of view.

I will not be abandoning this blog quite yet.  There are a lot of stories and posts that have not been published, and I will work on filling the holes for quite a while.  I would like to make it more complete before archiving it for good.

When the right time comes, I’ll let all of the readers (or what’s left of them) know where to find the new blog.  Until then, see you later.

Wrapping Up

For a long time I’ve been talking about crossroads on my blogging journey.  I have reached that point.  This will be my last week posting new entries on this blog.

It’s been a great 11-year journey, writing about the happenings in my life as well as looking back at things that happened in the past.  I’ve written about my experiences as an Asian, a Filipino, a Filipino-American, a Californian, an Angeleno, a UCLA alumnus, a Virginian, a traveler, a fitness enthusiast, and a music fan, among many things.

It’s been a tough year for blogging. I somehow lost my drive to blog. I just fell too far behind, and I got caught in a vicious cycle that resulted in not blogging or even thinking about blogging. I barely got in a couple of blog posts a month, a far cry from blogging every day for almost three years. 

I wanted to make one final push to make the transition to the new blog. But I got busy with many things at work and with other things. I’ll post some final thoughts in the next few days. 

Right now I’m counting the days before our trip to the UK. 


Missing in Action Again

Just when I thought I was doing well and on my way back to my regular blogging routine, things have come up.  This is one of those things that I can’t disclose on the blog, but rest assured that no one has died or is dying or is dealing with a serious medical issue.

This issue will most likely play out throughout the summer, though I hope is it resolved by the end of the summer.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I may have to reconsider my plans for transitioning to the new blog, including whether to start with a new blog at all.

New Theme

In keeping with tradition, I always make a change in theme during the month of the anniversary of this blog.  After a year of good memories with the Hemmingway Unwritten theme, I’ve switched to the Penscratch theme.

I’m still pushing through with the transition plans to the new blog.  I’m thinking about what theme I will use as well as how I will organize the posts.  The plan is to make the transition sometime in late July or early August.